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MTCC Alumni Awards

2023 Alumni Award recipients

Each year we will honor and recognize individuals who have made outstanding  contributions and exceptional accomplishments in their chosen career; significant  contributions to their community and to the lives of others; and/or exceptional service in  support of McDowell Technical Community College. 

Alumnus is defined as a person who has been awarded a degree, diploma or certificate  from MTCC since 1964. 

Three categories of Awards 

The Distinguished Alumni Award recognizes an alumnus who has served with  exceptional distinction, has sustained, outstanding career success, and/or has earned a  superior reputation within his or her career field, or made significant contributions to the  college or to the local, state or national community.  

Outstanding Divisional Alumni Awards are given to alumni from College Transfer,  Health Sciences and Technical and Workforce Development programs for outstanding  achievement and service in her or his profession, in civic and community affairs, and/or  service to the college. 

The Young Alumni Award honors two categories of individuals: alumni 35 years of age  or younger who have exceptional achievements in career, public service and/or  volunteerism that brings honor to the college; and those who have graduated within the  past three years who embody the late Dr. Dallas Herring’s system philosophy of “taking  people where they are and carrying them as far as they can go.” Herring was one of  North Carolina’s earliest community college advocates and is often referred to as the  “Father of the North Carolina Community College System.”


2022 Award Recipients

Josh Dobson Alumni Award Recipient 2022

Distinguished Alumni Award:
Joshua Robert Dobson ’03

J Sean Fox Alumni Award Recipient 2022

Young Alumni Award:
J. Sean Fox ’12

Andrea Wood Alumni Award Recipient 2022

Outstanding Alumni Award:
Andrea Hope Wood ’20

Lauren Sparks Alumni Award Recipient 2022

Outstanding Alumni Award:
Lauren Sylvia Sparks ’13 ’15

Linda Roth Hamrick Alumni Award Recipient 2022

Outstanding Alumni Award:
Linda Roth Hamrick ’09

2021 Award Recipients

Distinguished Alumni Award: Dawna Ledbetter ‘01 

Outstanding Alumni Award (Career and Technical): Shirley Brown ’85 and ‘88

Outstanding Alumni Award (College Transfer): Rodney Wheeler ‘00

Outstanding Alumni Award (Health Sciences): Sharon Davis ‘10

Young Alumni Award: Samuel Ray Robinson ’16 and ‘20