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McDowell Tech Continuing Education & Workforce Development

Welcome to McDowell Tech’s Continuing Education & Workforce Development! We offer life-long learning opportunities to any adult, regardless of your educational background. Our wide variety of programs provide opportunities for you to develop to your fullest potential. Courses and training academies are designed to provide educational opportunities to prepare you for entry into an occupation, to retrain or upgrade your existing skills, or to provide cultural and general interest courses for self-improvement.

Check out the many opportunities available to you for a new career or advanced skills at McDowell Technical Community College.

Admission Requirements

In general, all Continuing Education courses are open for enrollment to persons 16 years of age or older. However, because some specialty and advanced courses may be more difficult and require a greater degree of preparation, potential enrollees should be aware of the nature of the course requirements to determine their possible success in those courses. In certain specialized courses, such as Advanced Technology Training Apprenticeship Training Fire Services Training Law Enforcement Training Management Development Training New & Expanding Industrial Training potential students must be employed by or recommended by one of the requesting training agencies.

Registration and Fees

Registration fees for occupational, practical skills, vocational, and academic courses range from $70-$180.00 per course, depending upon the course length. Self-supporting class fees will vary depending upon the course. Registration fees for community service classes range from $15-$180.00 per course, depending on course length. Registration fees for Continuing Education courses are set by the NC Legislature and are subject to change. Fees are non-refundable, except when the class fails to materialize. An extra charge may be necessary in some courses for books, materials, and class supplies. Books and supplies may be purchased in the college bookstore