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Career & College Promise (CCP)

Did you know that students in NC can begin earning college credit for free while in high school?

Find out more about this unique program called Career & College Promise!

Earn Free College Credits

Are you a student of high school age?

Are you enrolled in a traditional high school?

Are you enrolled in an innovative high school?

Are you home schooled?

You can earn college credit through dual enrollment with MTCC!

An amazing opportunity to advance
your career or college plans at the earliest time.

Set yourself up for success!

If you are a junior or senior student at either the high school, an alternative school, or learning in a home school environment, you may be eligible for the Career and College Promise program (CCP).

CCP allows you to be enrolled in both your regular school program and take certain college courses at McDowell Tech at the same time (called dual enrollment). These classes are free.

Achieve your dreams earlier though this program!

Whether you are looking for an associate degree, looking to transfer to a four-year college, or looking to earn skills that take you into the workforce, you can realize your dreams earlier with CCP.

Find out more today by contacting your advisor!

Your Advising Team

High School

Emily Crowder

Emily Crowder

NC Career Coach

Kelsey Ledford

Betsy Ruiz

Title III Success Coach & Coordinator of CCP & WBL Compliance

Home School

Innovative High School

Betsy Ruiz

Betsy Ruiz

Title III Success Coach & Coordinator of CCP & WBL Compliance

Michelle Grit

Cooperative Innovative High School (CIHS) Liaison (MEC/MAI)