Headshots of the 2022 Ambassadors taken at Graduation

Student Ambassador Program

The McDowell Tech Student Ambassador Program is looking for outgoing and energetic students to be the face of McDowell Technical Community College. Ambassador’s help and encourage the next generation of students to succeed while learning to be a leader in their community. As an ambassador you will participate in leadership training and assist with campus events, including graduation, orientation, campus tours, hosting visitors, and much, much more. 

Student Ambassador Program Mission:

Student Ambassadors at McDowell Technical Community College will represent the campus and the larger community. As student leaders of McDowell Tech,
they will promote the college to prospective and current students
while creating a positive environment for all.

If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to get in touch with the program advisors:

Hannah Mitchem

Hannah Mitchem

Financial Aid & Veteran Affairs Coordinator
828 652-0602

Annie Duncan

Annie Duncan

Success Coach and Coordinator of Work-based Learning

William Teale

William Teale

Faculty - Web Technologies, MTCC Web Designer

“Why do I enjoy being a student ambassador at McDowell Tech? I’m so glad you asked!

As a student ambassador, I’m able to serve other students and enhance their college experience. I’m given the opportunity to assist faculty behind the scenes at various events throughout the year, such as Convocation, New Student Orientation, and Graduation. I have a small role in making these events a success, and McDowell Tech has some of the best faculty to work alongside. During my first year of college, I’ve met some amazing fellow students, improved my team-building and leadership skills, and made some wonderful friends on our ambassador team. But by far, my favorite part of being a student ambassador is the privilege to represent and give back to the place and people to are helping me on my journey to learn, grow, and achieve my dream.”

~Kimberly Hensley

“One of the reasons I became a Student Ambassador was to learn how to be a better leader and have the opportunity to share with prospective students what McDowell Technical Community College has to offer. Volunteering as a Student Ambassador for campus events allows me to build relationships with the students, staff, and instructors at MTCC. Being a Student Ambassador is essential because it allows me to learn as much as possible to achieve my career goals for the future.”

~Colton Loftin

“The Ambassador program to me means to have a voice in the school and help the needs of students in all ways while still learning new things and making a difference in my life and the students.”

~Heaven Hall

“I wanted to become an ambassador to strengthen my connection with the college, which has helped me immensely throughout my time with them. I have taken mainly online classes, so in joining this program I hoped that I would be able to make stronger relationships with the people of McDowell Tech. Being an ambassador means that I get to help the college just as they have helped me and get more experience and opportunities! I love being an ambassador and the connections I get to make with everyone on campus!”

~Elizabeth Russell

“I have always loved being a leader, and I thought that becoming an ambassador would be an amazing way for me to grow and find new opportunities to pursue and serve my community.” 


~Amelia White 


“I decided to be an ambassador for the experience. I am taking business administration to further my education in business. I saw being an ambassador as a way to help further this agenda.”

~Adam Orander