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Anticipated Refund Return Dates

Keep in mind that these are not guaranteed dates, but anticipated dates, and may vary by several days. Please plan accordingly. Also, after first refund of each semester checks will be cut on the 1st and the 15th of each month. 


Summer 2023:

June 9, 2023


Fall 2023:

September 25, 2023


Spring 2024:


Februrary 16, 2024


Summer 2024:

June 14, 2024


Bookstore Charging Dates

Students are allowed to charge to their financial aid account in the bookstore for a period of time during the semester. Students can also charge in the online bookstore using their student ID as the voucher number at check out.

Listed below are the dates charing will be available:

Fall 2023:

Start- August 4, 2023

Ends- September 8, 2023


Spring 2024:

Start- December 29, 2023

Ends- February 2, 2024


Summer 2024:

Start- May 13, 2024

Ends- May 31, 2024