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At McDowell Technical Community College, our commitment to your academic success goes beyond the classroom, we understand that academic success is a shared journey, and sometimes students may need a helping hand to navigate their coursework. There are a few ways to seek assistance for Students Seeking Tutoring:

  1. Service
    If you are facing challenges in a particular class and seeking additional support, is here to help.

    Within your Online LMS classes, under Resources, you’ll find a link to, this system uses your LMS login, to gain access. The link will open up a world of possibilities. You can choose to “Connect with a Tutor Now” for real-time assistance, “Schedule a Session” for personalized support, delve into “Test Prep & Self Study” resources, or even “Submit a writing draft” for comprehensive feedback, within 24 hours.

    Our partnership with aims to provide you with a seamless and accessible tutoring experience. Whether you prefer instant assistance or scheduled sessions, has you covered.

  1. Peer Tutoring Services
    If you find yourself with a grade of “C” or lower in a particular class, you may be eligible for our Peer Tutoring Services. To qualify, ensure you are referred by your class instructor and maintain regular attendance in all classes. Applications for tutoring services are available at the Student Enrichment Center, the hub where this program is administered. We are committed to fostering an environment where every student can thrive academically, and our tutoring services aim to empower you to reach your full potential.

Becoming a Peer Tutor:
For Students Interested in Becoming Peer Tutors: We believe in the power of peer support, and if you have excelled in a particular class, you have the opportunity to pay it forward by becoming a peer tutor.

To be accepted into our peer tutoring program, you should have completed the class you intend to tutor, possess a GPA of 3.0 or above, and successfully finish the Tutor Training program on Open LMS along with the Study Skills Seminar. This ensures that our peer tutors are well-equipped to assist their fellow students effectively.