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Graduation Requirements – Academics

It is the responsibility of each student to know and to meet the graduation requirements of the College in her/his particular program of study and to maintain the minimum required grade average. 

Counselors and faculty advisors are available to work with individual students, but the final responsibility for meeting graduation requirements lies with the student. The following list constitutes the minimum requirements for graduation:

Degree Completion Application
Download Form (pdf)

1. Satisfy proficiency standards in English, math, and reading. Complete all course requirements as outlined by curriculums, achieve an overall grade point average of 2.00 or above with all passing grades.

2. Students who fail individual subjects or have incomplete grades must make up such deficiencies before being allowed to graduate.

3. Applications for Degree Completion must be submitted to the Student Services Office at least one semester prior to the completion of course requirements. One semester prior to the semester that the student expects to complete diploma or degree requirements, the student is expected to have a preliminary record check by an academic advisor. It is the student’s responsibility to arrange for a final record check with the Director of Student Services & Registrar.

4. Students must fulfill all financial obligations to the College.

Graduation vs. Conferring of Degrees

To keep things simple, there are only a few tips to remember:

  • McDowell Tech confers degrees three times a year: December (Fall), May (Spring), and August (Summer). Degrees can only be conferred once a student applies to graduate.
  • Students should apply to graduate one semester “prior” to graduation. Applications for Degree Completion can be picked up in Student Services or emailed. ([email protected])
  • The graduation ceremony is in May.  It is optional for all students. t is optional for all students. If you are taking summer classes and want to participate, as long as you are within 10 hours or one semester of completing degree, you may participate.
  • There are additional costs for the cap, gown, tassel, and honor cords. Information is listed in the application for degree completion.

For additional questions, please contact:

Aprille Bailey
Director of Student Services & Registrar
Degree Completion Application
Download Form (pdf)