Student Rights & Responsibilities

What are my responsibilities as a student receiving financial aid?

  • To notify the Financial Aid Office of all changes: new name, address, change of major, change of marital status, withdrawal or addition of classes during the semester
  • To report financial assistance from sources outside MTCC to prevent an over-award of Federal and State financial aid funds
  • To complete all financial aid applications and requested documentation to the best of your knowledge
  • To understand and accept all signed documentation; keep copies of all financial aid correspondence that you sign
  • Be aware of the MTCC withdrawal and refund policy

What are my rights as a student receiving financial aid?

  • To know what types of financial assistance are available at MTCC, including federal, state and local funds (see MTCC Catalog, Financial Aid Section for detailed list)
  • To apply for financial aid at any time and to request assistance if necessary
  • To know withdrawal and refund policies at MTCC
  • To understand how the cost of attendance budget is determined for financial aid purposes
  • To understand how financial aid is calculated and what elements (income, assets, etc) are used to determine the student’s expected family contribution (EFC)
  • To know the amounts of financial aid awarded to them and what determines those amounts
  • To know how satisfactory academic progress is determined by the MTCC Financial Aid Office and what happens if those standards are not met