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Job Placement Services

Job placement assistance is provided through the Student Enrichment Center and the NC Works Career Center.

Susan Long is available in the Student Enrichment Center to share employment opportunities presented to the college by employers. These opportunities are also posted on the “JOBS BOARD” in the Student Commons and shared with faculty, staff and students through email and personal contact.

Susan Long also make referrals to the NC Works Career Center. Up-to-date job openings are posted and available on-line through resources provided at the NC Works Career Center at 316 Baldwin Avenue in Marion. Short-term employability skills classes are also available to those seeking employment. Students interested in full or part-time jobs are asked to complete a NC Works Customer Profile and have a conference with NC Works staff.

Although employment cannot be guaranteed by McDowell Technical Community College, every effort is made to notify students of job opportunities and assist them in securing positions of employment.

Employers if you would like to have a job posted on this page and shared with students, send an email to [email protected] with all of the job information in an attachment, or call (828)659-0418  for assistance.