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MTCC Alumni Awards Nomination Form

Complete this form to nominate an individual who has made outstanding contributions and exceptional accomplishments in their chosen career; significant contributions to their community and to the lives of others; and/or exceptional service in support of McDowell Technical Community College.


These awards will be presented to those who have been awarded a degree, diploma, certificate, or certification from McDowell Technical Community College since 1964. Recipients should have adhered to standards of moral and ethical conduct that would cause them to be viewed as a role model for students and other alumni.

Exclusion from Eligibility

Current employees of the College are excluded from consideration for these awards. Trustees serving current terms and current MTCC Foundation Board members are not eligible to receive alumni awards.

Nominations Due: March 20, 2023 by 5pm

Please contact Madalyn Gaito at [email protected] or 828-652-0630 for more information.

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