Nurse Aide II

Program Philosophy

The Nurse Aide II Training Program at McDowell Technical Community College is structured to build upon Nurse Aide I skills providing the student with more advanced skills essential for providing patient care services under the direction and supervision of a registered nurse.

The program is designed to prepare participants to successfully fulfill the minimum requirements for completion of the Nurse Aide II Training Program and to successfully meet the minimum requirements for listing as a Nurse Aide II.

Program Objectives

This Nurse Aide II Training Program will provide the resources and enhanced learning opportunities for students to develop appropriate Nurse Aide II skills. This will be accomplished through structured, comprehensive, supervised classroom, lab, and clinical experiences, consistent with current standards of practice upheld by the NC Board of Nursing and inclusive of knowledge and skills required under OBRA. It is the objective for this program to prepare individuals to complete Nurse Aide II program requirements for listing on the North Carolina Board of Nursing, Nurse Aide II Registry.

The class provides basic training in Nurse Aide II tasks. Emphasis is placed on the role of the Nurse Aide II, sterile technique and specific skills such as urinary catheterization, wound care, respiratory procedures, ostomy care, peripheral IV assistive activities, and alternative feeding methods.