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Esthetics Course information

Day class is Monday- Thursday 8:30 am - 2:30 pm

Day class is a CURRICULUM program. We take new students twice a year:

Semester Classes
Semester one (Spring 16 weeks) COS 119 & COS 120
Semester two (Summer 8 weeks) COS 125 AB & COS 126 AB
Semester three (Fall 8 weeks) COS 125 BB & COS 126 BB

Semester Classes
Semester one (Fall 16 weeks) COS 119 & COS 120
Semester two (Spring 16 weeks) COS 125 & COS 126

Evening class is Monday - Thursday 6:00 pm - 9:30 pm

Evening class is a CON ED program. The training and information received in our con ed program is the same as our curriculum program. This program meets less hours daily and without the breaks of curriculum semesters. All time missed must be made up on pre scheduled makeup days.
Two enrollment times available:

January enrollment
Attends January - December
OR July enrollment
Attends July - June

Both day and evening courses have a strict attendance policy. After passing all classes and completing the requirements set by the NC Cosmetic Arts Board, you will receive your Esthetic Certificate from both day or evening classes. To complete the licensure process you will then go for State Board Exams, one written (computerized) and one practical (hands on). You cannot switch between day and evening classes after starting.

The process of application is different for each class. Please contact Jamie Smith at 828-659-0439 or the contact form below for more information.

We also offer Esthetic Instructor training both day and evening to licensed Estheticians, the class schedule is different from the esthetics course, please call for that information.

Jamie Smith

Jamie Smith

Faculty - Esthetics


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