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Applied Engineering Technology

A40130 (Associate Degree), D40130 (Diploma), C40130A (Certificate), C40130B (Certificate)

Where problem solving meets innovation!

Welcome to Applied Engineering Technology at McDowell Tech!
This program is all about turning you into a master problem-solver. Whether it's in automation, computer, electrical, industrial, or mechanical engineering, MTCC sets the stage for your success in various high-demand industries. Imagine being involved the next big innovation in manufacturing or being the expert in design and inspection. With a degree in Applied Engineering Technology from McDowell Tech you will take the first step to those dreams.

A Curriculum Crafted for Real-World Success

Each course is a stepping stone to excellence. From the basics of CAD in 'DFT 119' to the complexities of microprocessor systems in 'ELN 233', every class is designed to build your skills layer by layer. With 'EGR 125', software isn't just a tool; it's your canvas. 'ISC 112' teaches safety, not as a regulation, but as a responsibility. And it doesn’t stop there - courses like 'HYD 110' and 'ELC 131' ensure that you're not just learning theories, but applying them in real-world scenarios.

Beyond the Classroom

At McDowell Tech, you will enjoy learning beyond the traditional classroom environment. Hands-on experience in state-of-the-art labs and real-world projects prepare you for the challenges of the engineering world. Our faculty, seasoned professionals themselves, guide you through every circuit, every blueprint, and every code.

A Future Designed by You

Graduates from MTCC’s Applied Engineering Technology program don’t just find jobs; they carve careers. Research and development, sales, and maintenance – the opportunities are as vast as technology itself. Your journey at MTCC is more than a degree; it's the first chapter in your success story.

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