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MTCC’s Stacy Buff Joins National Workforce Board

Stacy Buff, Vice President of Workforce Development at McDowell Technical Community College, has been elected as the North Carolina representative on the National Association of Workforce Development Professionals (NAWDP). The NAWDP is the largest workforce development association in the United States, including over 4,600 members, 10 full-time employees, a chief executive officer and a board comprised of 10 regional directors, 22 state directors, and 3 at-large directors.

State directors represent the 22 states with the largest memberships. Normally, these directors are elected by their regional or state memberships to serve three-year terms. Buff, who was chosen during a special election, will complete the remaining term of a vacated seat, serving until June 30, 2026.

The NAWDP serves as a professional association for individual workforce development and human resources practitioners, facilitating connections between job seekers, educators, and companies to bolster the American economy. It offers professional development, resources, and certification credibility, positioning its members as thought leaders and innovators in the workforce development sector. 

Stacy Buff

As a primary advocate, NAWDP fosters relationships with other leading industry organizations to push for advancements within the field.

The mission of the NAWDP is to enhance the workforce development community by nurturing connections among professionals and forming innovative partnerships. The association also hosts various events, including an Annual Conference, which attracts nearly 2,000 attendees, and the Youth Symposium, with about 1,000 participants. This year’s Annual Conference will be held May 19-22, 2024, in San Antonio, TX, with board meetings slated for May 18 and 19. The board meets quarterly, both virtually and in-person, at various U.S. locations.

Last year, Buff gained national recognition in the NAWDP’s Annual Workforce Hero’s Publication for his exceptional contributions. His innovative approach to recruitment, working closely with local industry leaders and support partners, was highlighted as a paradigm shift in addressing workforce challenges. Buff’s ability to think creatively and push the boundaries of conventional strategies has not only made a significant impact locally but also garnered attention on a broader scale.

“NAWDP’s Board of Directors bring a diverse set of skills to the table as we work to provide support for a variety of workforce development professionals,” said Melissa Robbins, Chief Executive Officer for NAWDP. “Stacy’s work at McDowell Technical Community College strengthens our connection to workforce professionals serving in education as they work to build futures for their students to enter the workforce arena.” 

Buff expressed enthusiasm about his new role, saying, “I look forward to working alongside the NAWDP board of directors. I am eager to learn from those more experienced in workforce development, contribute my own expertise, and support the association’s mission to provide advocacy and expertise for our members.”