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MTCC Campus Print Fundraiser to Support Student Scholarships

A beautiful framed print taken from an original sketch of the McDowell Tech campus is inspiring considerable pride and nostalgia among faculty, staff, students and alumni who have seen it. In 2022, a new tradition began at MTCC to gift the framed print to retiring MTCC employees and exiting Board members for their service. Its surging popularity has resulted in a decision by the college’s Foundation Board to sell copies of the print as a fundraiser to benefit the needs of students and the institution itself.

Framed Ariel View Sketch of McDowell Tech

The talented young artist who created the original sketch for an art project in her Graphic Design course is Charla Parks. When instructors Wes Minish and Jay Perry first saw the sketch, they immediately recognized her talent and shared the sketch with senior administrators at the college.

“The print has a classic, warm appeal. I am positive that alumni and friends of the college will want to display it their home or office alongside their McDowell Tech diplomas,” said Dr. Brian S. Merritt, MTCC President. “We are grateful to Charla for sharing her talents with the college community.”

Both framed and unframed prints are on sale now via the MTCC Foundation website at

Unframed prints are available for $59, and framed prints are selling for $149. Those who order by September 15 will receive their prints by November 1, 2022, while those ordering by October 15 will receive their prints by December 1, 2022.

“Either of these prints would make a wonderful Christmas or birthday gift for a student, alumni or faculty or staff member,” said Madalyn Gaito, Director of Development and Board Liaison.

“We are proud to make these prints available to the public and thankful for Charla’s generosity in sharing her immense talent to benefit the MTCC Foundation and our students,” said Merritt. “Our folks work hard every day to create an environment where students can learn and become successful in their chosen career paths. Hopefully, these prints will give our college community the chance to share their MTCC pride, as well as a chance to look back fondly on their hometown college, the place where their journey to success began.”

Sharing and Caring This Thanksgiving Season

On Monday, the McDowell Tech Student Government Association (SGA), along with members of the McDowell Tech faculty and staff, distributed turkeys and food boxes with enough staples to prepare a warm, nutritious Thanksgiving dinner to each of the 81 students who responded to the college’s offer of assistance.

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MTCC Universal Christmas Tree Ceremony 2023

Santa to Highlight McDowell Tech Tree Lighting on November 30th

If there’s anything that gets on Santa’s nerves, it must surely be the skeptical adults he runs into as he darts in and out of malls getting ready for the holiday season—folks like Ryan Garrison, McDowell Tech’s Interim President, for example. After a particularly unpleasant beard-pulling incident recently, he is probably at the top of Santa’s “Gets On My Last Nerve” list, and he probably shouldn’t expect that Christmas bonus he’s been asking for.

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