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Board Member Application

The purpose of the MTCC Foundation is to promote, develop, and encourages public support of the programs, faculty, and facilities of McDowell Technical Community College. The Foundation seeks and raises funds and gifts that will advance the Mission and Vision of the College. The MTCC Foundation Board of Directors provides leadership for the Foundation and assists in the planning and execution of
fundraising programs that benefit MTCC. 

MTCC Mission

MTCC enriches our community with access to student-centered, affordable, high-quality, lifelong learning opportunities that promote workforce development.

MTCC Vision

We learn and grow while focusing on individuals, our community, and our institution. Maintaining a strong board requires that prospective board members understand what is expected from each director.

Term of Office:
3 years. Directors may serve three consecutive terms.

All board members are expected to make an annual financial donation that is personally meaningful to them and participate in fundraising efforts.

Board Meetings:
The full board meets four times per year. Attendance is expected at all meetings.

Selection Process:
Prospective board members must complete an application to be considered for membership. The Nominating Committee is comprised of three (3) board members. The Nominating Committee submits prospective member applications to the full board for approval during the Annual Meeting in May.

New board members must attend an orientation session prior to the August Board Meeting

Opportunities for board positions are provided without regard to race, color, age, sex, religion, national origin, sexual orientation, or disability

Previous involvement with nonprofit organizations as a board or committee member, fundraiser or volunteer
Skills, Experience and Interest that may contribute to the MTCC Foundation
(check all that apply)

Please read carfeully:

By submitting this form, I understand and confirm that I have read and understand the expectations of a MTCC Foundation Board Member. I understand that MTCC will conduct a criminal background check, and I authorize them to do so.