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To reset your password:

1.  Choose the Forgot Password option

2.  Enter your user ID (same as your MTCC Gmail ID)

3. Click Search

4. You will receive a new login link via email.

If you still need help, please contact Joan Weiler at 828-652-0651 or 

[email protected]

Courses will be available on the first day of class. If it the first day of class or after:

  1. Verify your list of courses through WebAdvisor
  2. Contact the Distance Education to verify your Open LMS course enrollment
  • Your instructors’ contact information is in the course syllabus located

    1. Under Course Contacts at the bottom of your course screen in Open LMS
    2. You should use the instructors’ preferred method of contact. Some instructors do not have offices on the McDowell Tech campus, so email or phone are usually your best options.
    3.  Staff Directory
      1.  Faculty & Staff are in Alphabetical Order

See the  Assignment tutorial (opens in new window)

  • If possible, take your test on a wired internet connection, instead of wireless. It is possible, although rare, that wireless connections can drop out during a test, which locks you out. Also, do not take a test on the Open LMS App. When submitting your answer, only click the “Submit” button once.

    • See the Quizzes for more detailed instructions (opens in new window)
  1. If possible, take a screenshot of the problem/error message you are receiving
  2. Next, contact your instructor and explain the issue you had while taking the test
Instructors are the only ones who can reset the test for you.  Each instructor may have his or her own rules on test-taking. Please read your course syllabus for more information.
  1. There are answers in the Distance Learning Orientation Packet Student  or 
  2. Watch this Google Docs/Drive tutorial on YouTube for help

Please read over the Distance Learning Orientation Packet Student pdf that is available above and in the Open LMS Online Orientation section. If you don’t see the answer to your question please contact: