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Congratulations! Dean’s, President’s and Honors List 2019

Congrats 2019

Congratulations to the following students who were named to the Dean’s, President’s or Honors List at McDowell Technical Community College for the spring semester of 2019! (Click on the link above to view the list.) (Graphic: Flickr by Enokson)


President’s List (GPA 4.0)

Barbara A. Abernathy

Tyler L. Banks

Julie A. Boyd

Becket A. Bradley

Jonathan C. Braswell

Seth J. Bright

Kirsten N. Brown

Cameron T. Burke

Malisha C. Calloway

Evelin Calva-Sanchez

Amy Calva-Sanchez

Madison A. Cauthen

Kyleigh J. Chavers

Kaylea M. Cook

Robert S. Cordle

Kayla A. Currie

Emily R. Daigle

Cheyenne B. Davis

Sandra H. Davis

Makayla B. Deel

Casey B. Dockery

Ruby J. Elliott

Megan Ferguson

Shyanne M. Flynn

Mariana Garcia

Lindsey F. Hamilton

Caitlyn N. Hansberger

Evey L. Helton

Luis O. Hernandez

Ms. Jennifer L. Hollifield

Derek M. Hutton

Ms. Heather D. Keller

Ryan A. Kram

Abigail F. Ledford

Michelle N. Lewis

Cassidy L. Little

Zoe L. Miller

Charlotte R. Moore

Matthew T. Morris

Jonathan A. O’Keefe

Ms. Jammie M. Parker

Jared D. Parker

Bhargav Patel

Ryan K. Peek

Melanie L. Phillips

Leslie A. Pirkle

Crystal A. Pittman

Nolan A. Presley

Joseph X. Rajagopal

Hunter C. Reel

Robert E. Reeves

Makenna A. Robinson

Abigail M. Rumfelt

Holden A. Sailors

Tara M. Scoles

Brittany M. Shields

Jason B. Smith

Isaiah S. Smith

Joshua T. Smith

Mary K. Stevens

Ashley N. Swanger

Matthew B. Taylor

Tina E. Thompson

Caitlyn S. Toney

Amanda L. Torrez

Christina L. Warlick

Sheila M. Williams

Makenah L. Wilson

Joshua Z. Wise

Kelly A. Wood

Abigail Woodring


Dean’s List (GPA 3.75-3.99)

Gabriel E. Allen

Krysta L. Blue

Isaiah D. Bomar

Kayla B. Burleson

Kennedy G. Cable

Kenia L. Cazarez Osornio

Candace I. Cooper

Faith M. Furr

Haven B. Gaddy

Thomas P. Gibson

Tanner S. Gouge

Emma G. Hensley

Alexis B. Holland

Candace L. Hollifield

Jacqueline M. Kelly

William I. Loftis

Dillon M. Lunsford

William A. Quinn


Honors (GPA 3.50-3.74)

Benjamin L. Ballew

Samuel R. Bartlett

Kerri R. Brooks

Danielle N. Byrd

Josie L. Chilcote

Bobby J. Cook, Jr.

Jarrett M. Cothron

Andrea S. Creech

Jordan D. Davis

Hannah A. Davis

Emilie N. Dickinson

Bradley M. Elliott

Nicholas G. Guinn

Yvette C. Hannum

Haley J. Lowery

Kyle W. McElveen

MacKenzie L. Randolph

Savannah B. Revis

Jenifer Santaclara

Cole D. Shumate

Kassidy A. Sweeney

Abigail L. Wester

Michael S. Worley

Morgan C. Wylie

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