Jonathan Tate

Jonathan Tate

Lead Instructor
Universal Advanced Manufacturing


Mechatronics is a program where students learn engineering principles involving electrical and mechanical skills.  These skills are highly valued in industry and involve robotics, automation, servo and electromechanical.  Students also learn about Hydraulic and Pneumatic systems that are used in industry.

Potential Careers

Almost every manufacturing facility has a dire need for technicians who can operate, repair, and troubleshoot automation systems and processes.

Where Do Graduates Work in McDowell County and Western NC?

Baxter Healthcare Inc, Continental Automotive Systems

Why Choose this Program?

If you’re interested in creating computer code to control mechanical devices, learning how digital computer systems work, or how to troubleshoot AC/DC electrical systems then this is the program for you. Our learning environments are filled with industrial level equipment so that you get traditional teaching and hands-on experience.

Typical Salary (Entry-Level)


Typical Salary (Mid-Career)


Career Information from the Occupational Outlook Handbook, published by the United States Department of Labor.

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