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Admission Requirements

HIT Program Application

Students must submit an application to MTCC by August 1 to be considered for Fall admission or by December 1 to be considered for Spring admission or by April 1 to be considered for Summer admission into any of the three certificate programs of study, the degree or diploma programs.

Advising & Registration

Prior to scheduling an advising appointment, please complete the application for admission declaring Health Information Technology as your major as well as the residency determination. Click here for more information. 

Admission Steps for Applicants

Step I: Application process (Due August 1 for Fall Admission, December 1 for Spring Admission or April 1 for Summer Admission). 
Submit to the college: 
  • An online MTCC application for admission
  • Official high school transcripts or equivalency
  • A partial transcript if currently enrolled in high school. A final transcript must be submitted at the time of graduation. 
  • Official transcripts from all college attended. 
Submit to the HIT Program Director: 
  • A completed HIT admissions-intake form
Step II: Final Acceptance
Certificate Applicants are fully accepted upon:
  • Meeting the admission GPA required according to the certificate to which application has been made.
  • Taken the MTCC placement exam or been exempted. Contact the Student Enrichment Center for information.
    • Completion of any developmental coursework required based on placement testing results. 
  • Maintaining an overall 2.0 GPA on all attempted courses at MTCC, if applicable.
  • Earning a grade of ‘C’ or better in all BIO, HIT, MED and OST Prefix courses.
Programs with a Professional Practice Component
The HIT Certificate in Medical Billing & Coding, Degree, and Diploma programs have a professional practice experience component are fully accepted upon: 
  • Have submitted a completed medical form, including required immunizations and titers, to the HIT Program Director by August 15 for Fall, December 15 for Spring and April 15 for Summer and provided any missing or illegible information on the medical form upon request.
  • The medical form may be completed up to 60 days prior to admission to the program. Submission of an HIT medical form in no way implies that the student has been accepted by the HIT program or is eligible for professional practice site placement. 
  • During the semesters prior to taking HIT 222 and HIT 224 clinical courses, the student must complete criminal background and/or drug screen requirements of the agencies at the student’s expense. Upon their review of the results, the clinical agency has the right to deny the student’s placement at their site according to the same review process used for new employee hires. If denied placement by a clinical site, the student will be ineligible to continue in the HIT program.
Other Admission Information
  • Students who plan to apply for a scholarship, loan, or Pell grant should check with Financial Aid to determine eligibility after applying for a FAFSA.
  • Provided disabilities counselor with appropriate documentation, if applicable. Located in Student Services.
  • Scheduled an appointment with the VA Advisor, if you are eligible for VA benefits. Located in Student Services.
  • Completed face-to-face or online mandatory New Student Orientation via 
  • Attended face-to-face or online Distance Learning orientation.
Each applicant is responsible for ensuring the requirements have been met and all materials have been received by the admissions office and the program director. 
Certificate, Degree and Diploma offerings within the Health Information Technology Program are listed below. Course requirements and sequencing information can be found at the link on the right hand side of this page. 
HIT Certificate in Release of Information (C45360A)
HIT Certificate in Medical Billing & Coding (C45360B)
HIT Certificate in Healthcare Informatics (C45360IF)
HIT Diploma in Medical Coding (D45360)
Associate Degree in Health Information Technology (A45360)
Advanced Placement Associate Degree in Health Information Technology Program

Application Criteria:

  • Must be a high school graduate or hold high school equivalency diploma
  • Must have a 2.5 GPA in general education and recommended courses for the program
  • Must be currently working in healthcare facility
  • Must have completed MTCC Online Application Process and HIT Program Intake Packet
  • Physical Form, Immunizations and Criminal Background Check and Drug Screen due January 1 of each year
  • MUST Attend Program Orientation in December (date provided in Acceptance Letter)
  • Must have a confirmed clinical site placement (coordinated by the program director)