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College and Career Readiness Classes
Free of Charge

Earn Your High School Diploma

Do you have high school credits from either a public, private or home school? Are you ready to use those credits and earn your High School Diploma? Are you ready to begin the pathway to a better future? MTCC gives you that opportunity – Free of charge!

AHS offers a student the opportunity to use previously obtained high school credits(whether public, private or home school). The student will work through courses in class and/or (limited) on-line classes to achieve the required credits (currently 22) and will graduate with a high school diploma.

Students that accumulate a pre-determined number of credits approved by McDowell County Schools can graduate with a high school diploma. Credits acquired prior to AHS attendance will be evaluated and may count toward the total needed for graduation.

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How It Works

The MTCC Adult High School (AHS) program offers students a chance to complete the credits needed to earn a high school diploma. An advisor/instructor will review each student’s high school transcript to determine how many classes are needed to earn a diploma.

  • Students must be at least 18 years old Students aged 16-17 years old may attend with the submission of a Minor Release Petition (MRP) Form.

  • Orientation – Students must attend an Orientation prior to enrollment into AHS. During orientation, assessments are performed on all new students.

  • Transcript – An official High School trancript from the last school attended
    is required for credit evaluation BEFORE a student can begin AHS classes.

  • AHS is a managed enrollment class. Students may only start AHS during the
    first week of the 9 week session.

  • Attendance – A strict attendance policy is observed for AHS class. In addition, the student must make up all work on their own time for any absence within a specified period of time.

Class Times:

Classes are currently offered Monday – Thursday, 9am to 3pm*

Limited online options are available. Contact 828.659.6001 ext 160 to verify class times and offerings.

*Class times are subject to change. “EVENING CLASSES AVAILABLE”


Orientation: NCWorks Career Center 316 Baldwin Avenue, Marion

Classes: Universal Advanced Manufacturing Center
54 College Drive, Marion

REGISTER TODAY - CALL 828-659-6001 ext. 160 or 828-659-0446