Adult High School

This program offers the student the opportunity to use previously obtained high school credits (whether public, private or home school).  The student will work through courses in class and/or online to achieve the required credits (currently 22) and will graduate with a high school diploma.  A high school transcript is required for this program so that previous credits may be counted. AHS runs on an 8 week schedule and students are only allowed to start the first week of that schedule.  In addition, this program is located on MTCC campus.  We have found this location helps to make the transition to college easier and less intimidating.

Open to ages 16 and up.  If the student is a minor, additional paperwork must be completed. An orientation and initial testing is required for all registrants.

In-person Class times:

M-Th, 9:00 am to 3:00pm (online options are available).

For more information, contact Ed King at 828.659.6001 ext 160.